Experience Center (Retail Showroom) Rollout
Pella partnered with Star to engineer, fabricate and install this showroom design up to 125 experience centers and 75 showrooms over 3-year time period. Collaborated with the engineer and account manager to refine the initial design and further developed into a well-designed, modular rollout program that fits different kind and size of products, and individual brand’s needs. 
Collaborated with Pella Corporation to create the showroom style guideline (Design Criteria Manual) and recommended overall program material selections – HPL laminates, carpet/vinyl plank flooring, interior paint colors, table and shelf materials/finishes. For each showroom location, I designed and presented showroom layouts based on the Design Criteria Manual and Pella Branch’s specific need. 
Once layout approved, I provided a showroom specified field verification form, electrical and flooring layout(s) and attached certified structure drawings (provided by engineer) for Pella Branch to obtain city approval

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